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The Rock carries rifles, handguns, shotguns, gun parts, tactical gear, and medical gear. We build custom ARs, Bolt-Action rifles, and 1911s in house. The products we sell are from companies that have been proven in combat and competitions by men and women who apply these tools professionally. We aim to bring that reliability and trust to all of our customers.

Our Employees

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Mark Czarnecki

, Co-Owner

Spent 5 years active duty in the 82nd Airborne Division. After that I became a Government contractor which I still currently do while working at the store. Love working on everything gun and to spend my free time shooting as much as possible. Hope to bring you the best customer service possible.

Email: mark@therockguns.com


Jane McNeill,

Sales Director

She is our marketing and administrative representative. Has a masters in mental health counseling at UNC Penbroke. Licensed professional counselor.


Robert McNeill,


, Sales

Works as the Kydex King and in sales. Pursuing an Associates in Emergency Management at FTCC. Currently deployed in the Army National Guard. Certified EMT and Firefighter.


Custom Firearms

* Special orders for Custom firearms

* Premier Firearms

* We simplify the process of buying

* Custom builds done exactly how you want


Buy Parts, Gear, & Accessories

* Parts, gear, & all your needed gun accessories

* Ammo

* Cleaning supplies



FFL Transfers


The Rock is Proud to Offer FFL Tranfers at a Low Price.  We offer an easy, stress-free FFL transfer process. Please download, complete, and bring in form to The Rock Gun and Accessories. Contact us via email if you cannot make it to the store in person. 


read our Regulations of FFL transfers

FFL Transer Fees

1) $25 for first firearm (handgun, long gun, or receiver) 2) $10 for each additional gun (must be from same shipment and same 4473 Transaction)

Seller's Drivers License

A current, valid copy of the shipper's FFL or seller's drivers license must be received by The Rock Guns personnel prior to or accompanying the firearm shipment.

Terms and Conditions

The Transferee (customer) must agree to The Rock Guns terms and conditions on the Transfer Form  and return the completed form to store personnel.

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