Concealed Carry Class

This is the North Carolina Department of Justice Certification Course that is required to earn your North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Certificate that is used to apply for your license.

The course is 8 hours as required by state law. In this course you will learn the following:

- Legal Justification for the use of deadly force
- Law in the defense of others
- Where one can legally carry a concealed handgun in North Carolina
- "Dos and Don'ts" for carrying a concealed handgun in North Carolina
- Rules for safe handling and storing of firearms
- The different types of handguns and how they function
- The fundamentals of combat marksmanship
- Drawing from a concealed holster

Students will be required to take a shooting proficiency examination as part of the course which will include a short drive to the range.

Students are required to bring the following:

- Good Quality Handgun (please check the operation of your handgun prior to class. No single action revolvers!!!) You will also need 30 rounds of ammunition to be used at the range.
* NOTE! Some types of ammunition are in short supply. Please do not wait until the last minute to obtain your ammo.

- Eye Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection

- Holster (no cross draw or shoulder holsters allowed due to safety concerns.) Please bring a belt for your holster.

- Hat or Cap with brim (to deflect hot spent shells and prevent them from getting between your safety glasses and eyes).

- Loose fitting clothing with pockets works best or a coat with pockets for ammunition and magazines. No sandals, high heels, or open-toed shoes will be allowed at the range. Tennis shoes or boots are preferred.

- Something to write with

- NC Driver’s license or NC Identification Card

- Lunch

Cost is $85.00 per student.

To confirm sign up and pay for class please stop by our store or call The Rock Guns at (910) 988-0097 we can take a payment over the phone!