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Daniel Posey Bolt Gun Review

Switch Barrel Bolt Action built by The Rock Guns

“I had a vision of building a custom bolt action rifle to shoot competitions. I wanted a rifle that was built on a custom action and had the ability to quickly change calibers with minimal tools. This would allow me to train with calibers like .223 then switch barrels and bolt faces and shoot 6.5 Creedmoor for competition. After researching parts for half a year I decided to use the Big Horn Arms Origin Action as the base of the rifle. I chose the Origin Action because of the quick change bolt face, the non integrated bolt lug, and the price point was another plus. I wanted a non integrated recoil lug because I planned to use the West Texas Ordnance switch lug. There are a lot of different systems out there that allow you to change the barrel on the fly. I went with the WTO switch lug because of the simplicity. All I needed was my fix it sticks to change the barrel out. The barrels I went with are Krieger barrels. I started with a .223, .308, and a 6.5 CM. These calibers allowed me to train with .223 then I could slap on the .308 to shoot in tactical division or 6.5CM to shoot open. All of this packed in a Manners stock. This was my first Manners stock and I have been very happy with the choice.”

“Once I had all the parts I brought them to The Rock Guns in Fayetteville North Carolina. I brought the rifle in and shared my vision for the rifle with Nate the gunsmith. After hammering out a couple details they went to work on the rifle. They cut, threaded, and chambered all three barrels so they could be quick changed with the WTO switch lug system. They also bedded the action in the stock and Cerkaoted the barrel along with some pieces on the action. They did all this work in a very short time frame and had my rifle back to me in a few weeks.”

“I was very pleased with the first impressions of the rifle. Once I got to the range and put some rounds through it I was even more impressed. The rifle is well under a 1/2 MOA gun with all three barrels. The barrel changes are flawless and the rifle looks awesome. Up to this date the rifle has a 1st place finish in PRS regional match, 2nd place in PRS pro match, and several top 10 finishes under its belt.”

“If your in the Fort Bragg, Fayetteville are and your looking for a shop to build your dream custom bolt gun go check out The Rock Guns.”

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